Why the Metro Response Team?  
  We're the largest dedicated response provider in the region, larger than all competitors combined!  Most security agencies offer response service even though they lack the resources to do so.  They rely on personnel who are engaged in other assignments.  Their personnel may or may not be available when you need them!

What makes the Metro Response team unique?

  • We've provided hundreds of thousands of responses. 
  • We've captured more than 100 suspects, "in-the-act".
  • We've recovered millions of dollars in merchandise.
  • Multiple, dedicated vehicles throughout the region.
  • Experienced personnel, with specific and pertinent alarm response training.
  • Equipment, such as global positioning systems and night-vision scopes.

None of our competitors can make these claims.  Don't take a risk when trusting your security to a response service.  Go with the most qualified.  

Go with the Metro Response Team!